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2000 Ford Expedition Command Unit– Chiefs Vehicle- The command unit is equipped with multiple radios, box alarm and pre-plan information and other fire command related tools.

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1989 Ford F350 Utility Truck – Second out of all HazMat and Motor Vehicle Accident related calls. Carries extra SCBA bottles, bulk HazMat Equipment, portable pumps, Rescue Saws, various types of portable lighting and electric cords. This truck is equipped with a 10Kw. Electric Generator for scene lighting.

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1984 Peter Pirsch Engine – 1000 Gal. Tank 1000GPM Pump Reserve Engine (Currently First out from Station 2). This is our reserve Engine and responds as third out Engine for fires. It carries similar equipment as our other 2 engines and fills in when needed.

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1967 Ford F250 Pickup – Station 2’s utility truck. Carries portable pumps, traffic cones and barricades. Our primary Fire Police vehicle.

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2008 4Guys/Spartan CAFS Engine – 1500 Gal. Tank, 40 Gal. Class A Foam, 1750GPM 2 Stage Pump. Our first due Engine from Station 1, carries typical engine company equipment– fire hose, ladders, saws, SCBAs, assorted hand tools. Thermal Imaging Camera, Ventilation Fans, Cribbing for Motor Vehicle Accidents, EMS Equipment, and HazMat supplies. Also equipped with a 30 ft. light tower for scene lighting.

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1989 Ford F350 Brush Truck – 250 Gal. Tank 150GPM Pump First Out for all Brush Fires and carries an assortment of hand tools, portable water cans, and saws.

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2000 4Guys Tender – 3000 Gal. Tank, 500GPM Pump Second Due Apparatus for all fires & Responds with Hunterdon County Tender Task Force South & East.

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